About Us

Dear Readers,

At the age of 28, I have come to a point in my life at which I can no longer ignore my personal responsibilities to my health and the global community. I have reached this point as a result of various experiences, including a decade long personal battle with food intolerances, and several extended periods of time abroad. The exposure to a variety of diets, all more fresh, less processed, and more balanced than the typical American diet, in combination with more active lifestyles, has given me a more holistic perspective on the importance of these factors with regard to health. My personal efforts to heal my ailments has inevitably led to information on food production, and the impact of my food choices on issues as diverse as climate change, healthcare, and economics. Although I have no training or formal education on these topics, I do feel an obligation to share with others the resources, thoughts, and experiences from which I continue to draw inspiration. It is my hope that those who choose to follow this blog may find the motivation and information they need to make positive changes in their lives for better health and for a better world.

Sincerely, Vanessa

[M.A.  Applied Anthropology (forthcoming), B.A. French Literature, B.A. German]

Dear Global Citizens,

I’ve always had a variety of interests (environmental sustainability, health, culture), and have continually sought for a way to bring these subjects together for the purpose of positive change. This has led me back to my original passion: people. I am fascinated by people, and truly feel that we make a difference with our personal choices. While studying Anthropology, I became enamored with various cultures and their relationship with the environment; this resulted in my continuous journey to foster my connection with the natural world.  As a graduate student, I have become interested in food production, shifting consumption patterns, and water scarcity. That being said, I am not a professional or expert.  I am simply a global citizen interested in compiling and creating credible resources, sharing my experiences, and most importantly, providing motivation and inspiration for what I hope will be a growing community of EMPOWERED individuals.



[M.S. Environmental Science and Policy (forthcoming), B.A. Anthropology, minor Geography]

If you have any questions about Healthy for a Change,  please e-mail us healthyforachange@gmail.com.


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