Juicers Invade Kitchen Counters

Janie Osborne for The Wall Street Journal

Janie Osborne for The Wall Street Journal

Hello Readers,

I came across this article in The Wall Street Journal. It has some great information on juicing and juicers. I think it will be helpful to anyone who is considering the purchase of a juicer, and anyone who wants a few recipes and juicing facts.

Here are a few quotes about the different types of juicers, their advantages, and their disadvantages:

“Juicers generally fall into one of three categories: “fast,” “slow” and “whole food.” The fast kind, also known as traditional or centrifugal juicers, are loud machines that grind produce to a liquid in a few earsplitting seconds. Fans like the thin-textured juice these machines produce, leaving the solid “pulp” behind.”

“But some fast juicers don’t process leafy greens well, and they don’t handle fine-textured wheat grass, a popular ingredient in the juicing world. They also lose points with some users because they generate heat, which experts say can deplete important nutrients.”

“Slow juicers are gaining more attention. They crush or press juice out of produce in a few minutes, leaving less waste behind than a fast juicer does, and they typically do a better job with tricky ingredients like wheat grass, nuts and leafy greens. Consumers looking for fiber in their juice appreciate the pulp content in juice from a slow juicer.”

Check out the article here:



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