Detoxing with Leafy Greens and Fruit

I just finished two very stressful weeks in school. I was so focused on what I was doing that my diet suffered–so did my energy, skin, and general happiness. Now, it’s time to detox again! This will be my second detox, and I will be doing it a little differently.

Organic Girl: baby spinach, baby green romaine lettuce, baby red romaine lettuce, tango, baby red oakleaf lettuce, baby green oakleaf lettuce, baby red chard, baby green chard, lolla rosa, arugula, mizuna, tatsoi, baby greenleaf lettuce, baby redleaf lettuce. ingredients may vary by season.

For two days, I have consumed only green leafy vegetables. I find myself using one of those large plastic bins of organic spinach or kale for the day.   On the third day, tomorrow, I will only eat fruit (mostly citrus) all day. After that, the mornings will start with the consumption of citrus fruit, lunch will be salads, and for dinner, I will simply have a healthy meal.

Instead of doing a juice detox, this is an alternative that allows you to eat. I need to focus, and tend to get very easily distracted by hunger. I can eat as many leafy greens as needed. I also drink lemon juice with green tea throughout the day, as well as at least a gallon of filtered water. This helps eliminate water retention and flush my system out.

So far, I feel my energy returning and my skin looks better. While it can get somewhat boring to eat JUST leafy greens throughout the day (you can also supplement this detox with raw broccoli or raw asparagus), keep in mind, this one only takes three days.




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