Rat Study links GM Corn and Herbicide to Tumors and Cancer

This is an interesting article on a long-term (2year) study done on rats who were fed Monsanto genetically modified corn. Other studies conducted by government and industry scientists do not take into account the life time of the rat, but rather conduct experiments for only a few months. Here are some highlights from the article:

“Two hundred male and female rats were split into 10 groups of 10 animals. One was a “control” group which was given ordinary rat food that contained 33 percent non-GM corn, and plain water.Three groups were given ordinary rat food and water with increasing doses of Roundup, reflecting various concentrations of the herbicide in the food chain.The other six were fed rat food of which 11, 22 or 33 percent comprised NK603 corn, either treated or not with Roundup when the corn was grown.”

“The researchers found that NK603 (GM corn) and Roundup both caused similar damage to the rats’ health, whether they were consumed together or on their own.”

“Premature deaths and sickness were concentrated especially among females.”

“By the beginning of the 24th month, 50-80 percent of female animals had developed tumours in all treated groups, with up to three tumours per animal, whereas only 30 percent of controls were affected”

“Males which fell sick suffered liver damage, developed kidney and skin tumours and digestive problems.”

“For the first time ever, a GM organism and a herbicide have been evaluated for their long-term impact on health, and more thoroughly than by governments or the industry,” Seralini told AFP. “The results are alarming.”

Here’s the link to the article: http://www.thejournal.ie/france-genetically-modified-corn-rats-cancer-601499-Sep2012/

Depending on further analysis, this GM corn may be banned by various government bodies… This is a big deal!

Support biodiversity and eat locally grown, organic corn if you can!

~ V ~


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