Frankensteer – Beef Industry Documentary

If you have 45 minutes to spare in the day, this is a good way spend them, especially if you consume meat.

This short documentary focuses on the cattle and beef industry in North America, and reveals some horrific yet common practices employed by companies and farmers to maximize output and profit. Some of these practices included the use of antibiotics and hormones, and the ‘cannibalization’ of cattle and other farm animals. This documentary film informs us of the MANY toxins and diseases (such as E. Coli and mad cow disease) that result from such practices, and explains how they could be avoided. The most shocking, in my opinion, is the fact that these herbivores are fed their own species and others, simply to fatten them up quicker. Baby calves are given blood instead of milk, for example.

This does not suggest you become vegetarian, instead it encourages viewers to demand SAFE, ANTIBIOTIC FREE, HORMONE FREE, DISEASE FREE, TOXIN FREE beef.

If we are informed and we are empowered, then we can demand change.

Even beef industry executives in the film agree that if the consumer demands grass fed, naturally raised farm animals, the industry would have to comply.

Watch this and share it with those you care about.

Here is where you can find this documentary: (I have never used this site but it offers the film for free)

Demand Change!

~ V ~


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